for the Public Sector

Our services are designed for leaders who believe that to make better policies they need to tap into the knowledge and skills of public servants across the government.

We want to move away from silos and get collaboration on the best ideas when developing policy. When it’s time for implementation, we want feedback from the front lines so we can deliver the best results for our clients.

The CrowdBridge Solution


Our strategy is to strengthen your organization by amplifying the voices of your team. With InnovationBridge, participants respond to a call for ideas and then crowdfund the ideas that will have the most impact. This allows organizations to engage the team , as well as make informed decisions on which investments should be prioritized.
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With ForecastBridge, organizations are given insight into what the team really thinks. Much different than a survey, ForecastBridge allows employees to provide insights in real time, allowing organizations to spot opportunities and mitigate risks much earlier.
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Benefits of Working with CrowdBridge

Real-Time Updates – Uncover what your people really know about the opportunities and potential risks your department faces.

Engage Everyone – Don’t just measure employee engagement levels. Actually gather and implement employee insights to better inform business strategy

Time Efficiency – Save time in strategy meetings, on choosing projects, during major transitions, etc, by hacking bureaucratic barriers to the flow of critical information.

Diversity – Mitigate risks to an even greater extent by amplifying the voices of a diverse group of people with different experiences and knowledge

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