Employee Engagement

Disengaged = Unproductive

Despite all the investment in employee engagement, actual engagement levels are flat. What is missing?

Employee Engagement

Engagement programs are not working

Only 30% of the workforce in North America is engaged. The ROI on engagement program spend is poor.

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Your best people have left, or will leave

The productivity and investment costs in recruiting, training and developing great employee aren’t realized, as they leave just as they are able to deliver a major contribution to the business.

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Millennials expect a sense of purpose at work

Talented employees have easy access to information about other employers and lots of choices.  Employees today are not interested in “keeping their heads down.” 60% of millennials say a “sense of purpose” is part of the reason for choosing their employer.  If they don’t get it, or sense the conversation about purpose is insincere, they will leave.

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What’s the Employee Engagement Solution?

We all have a strong desire to contribute and to be valued. We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. In the earliest days of tribal societies, the ultimate punishment for unlawful acts was not death, but banishment from the tribe. This need to connect is hard-wired into us.

Employees will go above and beyond when they are inspired, valued, and feel that their words and work matters to the organization. Research shows that it is an employee’s “discretionary effort” that produces the profit for the company.

Empowering employees with tools and the right environment unlocks the secret to discretionary effort.

The CrowdBridge platform creates a community among your employees, and surfaces employee feedback in real-time. This creates a sense of trust and transparency that leads to connection.

Even managers who want to engage with their teams can be burdened by the sheer volume of messages they receive.  That is why CrowdBridge is designed to pull the “signal from the noise.”

ForecastBridge tells you what your people believe about what is going to happen – industry trends, revenue opportunities, or disruptors that could blindside the company. Learn More

InnovationBridge helps you instill a sense of experimentation, and fosters innovation that people will rally around. Learn More

Employees love using these tools. Participation rates are in the 70% to 80% range, compared to 30% for annual engagement surveys.

Practical Ways to Get Started:

  • Example 1: Think about your company’s plans for employee satisfaction levels next year. What is the probability that satisfaction levels will be at least 3% points higher next year? When you answer, focus on what your believe will actually happen, not what you want to happen. Would you be willing to make a small wager on whether you are right? Does knowing that your accuracy will be measured, does that make you think more carefully about your prediction?
  • Example 2: Assume you had control over $10,000 of the employee engagement budget. Which initiatives would you fund (and which would you not). Ask several colleagues to answer the same questions, and see whether what you would collectively chose to fund, and why?

Then ask what your company could do if you went digital and scaled these processes.

Would you like a way to keep track of whether all those predictions, and know who had the best track record?

Would you like to see what would happen if hundreds of people were given responsibility for allocating a portion of the employee engagement budget?

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